“Getting people the service, appointment and results they want, when they want”

Our Mission and Vision

The concept behind Clinique Deville is to provide the citizens of Montreal with an alternative to the long wait times for both appointments and results, within our public health care system. In providing our clientele with this alternative, we can as well help release pressure from the backlog our public health care system is experiencing.

From long wait times for appointments, to obtaining results, it’s no secret that the process can be overly lengthy and frustrating at times when people just want answers.

That’s the real message
we want to convey.

At Clinique Deville, you’ll get your appointment quicker, you’ll consult with the industries finest medical specialists and receive your results within 24-48 hours. Located just steps from the Rosemont Metro, our clinic is both centrally located and easily accessible to the citizens of Montreal and foreign travellers without an alternative means of transportation than public transit.

Whether you need immunization and testing for travel, or just want quicker and more efficient service than public health care, at Clinic Deville, we have you covered.